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O.A. Effective Member Registration - Portuguese or foreign candidate.


A period of professional training, training on the statutes and ethics and the acquisition of professional experience to enable apprentice members to independently carry out activities related to the profession (see Annex II of the Registration Regulations).

Registration through a professional apprenticeship is aimed at:

1. Portuguese citizens or nationals of other EU member states, without professional experience, holding the following academic degrees, recognised under the terms of Portuguese legislation and the statues:

a) Degree or equivalent diploma in architecture, certified on a date prior to the entry into force of DL no. 74&2006, of 24 March;

b) Master's degree in architecture, pursuant to DL no. 74/2006, of 24 March; c) Formal qualification in architecture registered in European Directive 2005/36/EC, of 7 September, under the terms defined in Section 8-Architect.

2. Legally resident nationals of states not forming part of the EU, provided that one of the following conditions is met:

a) They hold an academic degree in accordance with the previous number;

b) They obtain a degree equivalency under the terms of current legislation.

Professional Experience

1. Professional experience envisaged for the professional apprenticeship must be developed with a host entity carrying out activities related to the profession, as defined in the Statutes of Ordem dos Arquitectos.

2. Guidance for professional experience will be given by a sponsor - an effective member of OA registered for at least 5 years and with full enjoyment of their rights.

3. Professional experience shall have a duration of between 9 and 12 months.

4. The professional experience period will be counted from the date of approval by the CDR on the Professional Apprenticeship Registration Form, validated by the CRA, or from the indicated date if after approval.

Training on statutes and ethics

1. Training on statutes and ethics forming part of the professional apprenticeship must be given when gaining knowledge, at mandatory intervals and taking advantage of training sessions on the OA Statutes and Professional Ethics.

Professional Training

1. Professional training planned as part of the professional apprenticeship consists of gaining knowledge considered essential for correctly exercising the profession and ensuring that a better public service is provided by architects.

Candidate application (RR Annex I, Chapter 1 and Chapter 1.1):

To apply for a Professional Apprenticeship, candidates must register and fill in the following online forms:

- Personal details

- Sponsor

- Host entity

- Professional experience

- Professional training and training in statutes and ethics

- Acceptance declaration

- Upload and submission:

Passport size photograph (jpeg/jpg)

BI / CC / Passport / European Card

Tax Identification Document - if applicable

Degree or Qualification Certificate (pre-Bologna - 5 years) or Integrated Master of Architecture certificate (post-Bologna). If the latter does not reference 300 credits, applicants must also submit their first term certificate so that the total of the two terms can be ascertained. Or a formal qualification in architecture registered in European Directive 2005/36/EC, of 7 September, under the terms defined in Section 8 - Architect

Equivalence of a degree from a Portuguese University (this equivalence is required in the case of Degrees not registered in the European Directive)

Document authorising stay in Portugal (if applicable)

Authorisation to exercise the profession in Portugal (if applicable)

Host Entity Declaration

Sponsor Declaration

Payment of €200 as the registration fee, in accordance with article 8, item 9 (Payments) of the Registration Regulations (RR). After approval you will be assigned an Extraordinary Apprentice Membership number and you may, in the area reserved for this purpose, submit specific requests and proceed to complete your apprenticeship. The supplied information is not a substitute for consulting the Statutes of Ordem dos Arquitectos and internal regulations.